Parole Decisions for Wednesday, February 15, 2023

The Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles held 29 parole hearings Wednesday, Feb. 15, granting two paroles and denying 27. The Board also continued two paroles to a later date. The Board also held 10 hearings on requests for pardons, granting eight and denying two.


Parole Hearings

Grant: 2

Deny: 27

Continue: 2


Pardon Hearings
Grant: 8
Deny: 2

The hearing minutes document for this date is now available on our website:


The list below contains the names of the inmates considered for parole Wednesday, Feb. 15, along with their county or counties of conviction and the parole board’s decision. News organizations can go to the Alabama Department of Corrections inmate database and search by the AIS number listed below for details on the inmates’ records of offenses.


Last Name First, Middle AIS# Hearing Date County/Counties of Conviction Parole Decision
Abbott Norman Wayne 186791 02/15/2023 Jefferson Denied
Bolton Randall Hank 255236 02/15/2023 Etowah Denied
Bradley Oatis Lee 204645 02/15/2023 Marshall Denied
Brooks Jermaine 238784 02/15/2023 Washington Denied
Chestang William David 329712 02/15/2023 Mobile Denied
Clay Woody Lee Jr 155010 02/15/2023 Jackson, Madison Denied
Cross Bardell 250688 02/15/2023 Jefferson Denied
Downes James Richard 281824 02/15/2023 Covington Denied
Goerner Kimberly Renee 330827 02/15/2023 Cullman Denied
Gould Robert H 169660 02/15/2023 Autauga, Elmore Denied
Hosmer Kristine Marie 331964 02/15/2023 Cullman Denied
Landers Edmond Weaver Jr 241075 02/15/2023 Calhoun Denied
Lands Dillion Paul 330490 02/15/2023 St. Clair Continued
Ledlow Joshua Felton 275193 02/15/2023 Cullman, Morgan Denied
Lowe Toraino Devon Jr 300526 02/15/2023 Calhoun Denied
McCrory Justin Allen 324913 02/15/2023 St. Clair Denied
McNair Antonio 190564 02/15/2023 Houston Denied
McRaney Matthew Hal 188949 02/15/2023 Calhoun Continued
Monroe Ronnie Bernard 218595 02/15/2023 Marengo Denied
Moore Terry Horace II 331489 02/15/2023 Russell Granted
Newby Kenneth Mcreece 258543 02/15/2023 Houston Granted
Parker Phillip Christophe 329660 02/15/2023 Randolph Denied
Preston Glen Andrew 239339 02/15/2023 Lee Denied
Rutledge Henry Wade 331684 02/15/2023 Baldwin Denied
Shoulders Raphael Tyrik 330324 02/15/2023 Madison Denied
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