WLIA Crappie Rodeo Update

9 Tagged Fish Caught in WLIA Crappie Rodeo

The Weiss Lake Crappie Rodeo began on February 1st. We are now 2 weeks into the event with a total of 9 tagged fish being caught by anglers. Two fish were worth $1000 each, 7 fish worth $50 each. Two anglers did not purchase their Rodeo Badge prior to going fishing and could not claim their $50 prize.

There are 51 more tagged Crappies worth $1000 each, one tagged crappie worth $10,000 and more than 900 worth $50 each.

Remember Rodeo Badges are sold at many locations around Weiss Lake. The proceeds from the sale of badges are reinvested into projects which improve fishing on the lake.

The young man pictured below is the proud recipient of a rodeo badge donated by Byron Palmer who won the badge during a tagging tournament event. Byron had purchased his badge already and ask that the free badge be given to a young angler.

The Weiss Lake Improvement Association’s Crappie Rodeo continues through April 30th.

Good Luck and Good Fishing On Weiss Lake!!

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