Cedar Bluff Town Council Meeting

During the Cedar Bluff Town Council meeting Monday evening the Planning Commission Chairman, Bill Holland, informed the Council a parcel of land along Lake Place road had been zoned R2 in error. The error was discovered when the owner requested a change to RR. It was discovered the parcel in question had originally been Zoned RR but when the Zoning map was updated, it was incorrectly labeled as R2. Holland recommended the Town approve the correction without a public hearing and waive the fee for the change request. However, the Town’s legal counsel advised the Council they would have to follow the procedures to make the change. A public hearing was set for March 13th at 4:30 pm,  prior to the next Town Council meeting.

The Council approved the purchase of a new mower for the Street department. The lowest bid was Ray’s Saws of Centre for a new Scag brand mower in the amount of $13,371.

A contract with Canyon Engineering to create a list of the Town’s streets with priority listed for repairs, ditching, and paving. The amount for the services to be rendered is $8000. The document will then be used by the Town to apply for grants to help pay for the upgrades to the streets.

The next meeting of the Cedar Bluff Town Council is March 13th at 5PM.


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