2nd $1000 Tagged Crappie Caught


The second $1000 tagged crappie has been caught this week. Neal Miles of New Market, Indiana was the lucky angler to land the tagged fish. He was fishing around docks at Bay Springs with a 2 inch Tennessee Shad grub tipped with beemoth.

Neal had purchased his WLIA Crappie Rodeo Badge before going out on the lake. He now takes home a check for $1000 for the prized catch.

This is the second $1000 tagged fish to be caught since the Rodeo began on February 1. The first one was caught in the Bay Springs area as well with anglers fishing the docks and piers in the area.

Get your Rodeo Badge at participating merchants around the lake and Good Luck with Your Crappie Fishing!!

The Rodeo continues through April 30th.


(Jamey Johnson, treasurer of WLIA Presents Check)

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