What Are the Best and Worst Places to Hide Your Spare House Key?

A spare key is a lifesaver under the right circumstances. However, if no thought is put into securing a spare key, it becomes a security loophole that can be easily exploited by burglars. Securing a spare key also necessitates staying updated with security trends to always stay ahead of common burglar practices. For instance, do you know that most burglars pose as guests and knock on doors to confirm homeowners are away? From this point, they proceed to check for security loopholes as most homeowners become complacent because they underestimate burglars.

Crafty burglars make it their full-time job to devise new ways to outwit homeowners, and they can’t afford to overlook some of the worst places to hide a spare house key commonly used by ill-advised property owners. To your advantage, you only need to perfect one hiding technique, whereas the burglar must choose from an infinite number of options. Here are some common hiding places to avoid and those to think about.

Commonly Known Hiding Spots

Even the most perceptive thieves are well aware of the usual spots where people tend to hide their valuables. These locations are often the first ones they investigate.

Beneath a Garden Statue

Garden statues are intended to be eye-catching and decorative. Unfortunately, this makes them an attractive target for thieves who may suspect that a spare key is hidden beneath them.

On the Door Jamb

When searching for a hidden key, it’s instinctive to check the areas around the door, including the door jamb. Seasoned thieves are familiar with this common hiding spot and will not overlook it.

Inside the Mailbox

Storing a spare key in the mailbox may unintentionally invite theft, as prying eyes or potential intruders could stumble upon it while snooping around.

Under the Doormat

The doormat is an obvious and easily accessible location to search for a spare key. Furthermore, delivery drivers or guests may accidentally reveal their presence, compromising your security.

Beneath a Flower Pot

Using a flower pot as a hiding spot is outdated and insecure. The easier it is to conceal the key, the more vulnerable it becomes to theft.

Fake Rocks

Initially, fake rocks seemed like a clever solution for hiding keys. However, thieves have become aware of this method, and with the prevalence of marketing surrounding these products, both homeowners and burglars are well-informed.

Inside a Wallet or Purse

Keeping a spare key in your wallet or purse is risky. If these items are stolen or misplaced, a burglar would have access to sensitive information that could potentially compromise your security. Additionally, carrying the spare key on your person defeats the purpose of having an extra key.

The Best Places to Hide A Spare Key

To protect your valuables and retain your peace of mind, it’s critical to go outside the box and locate creative and secure hiding areas that are less expected. The best way to secure your home is to start thinking offensively instead of defensively. Overthinking will almost certainly lead you to a bare hiding place. However, the best way to secure your home goes beyond finding clever hiding spots.

Properly Concealed Fake Rock

If properly blended into the surroundings, fake rocks and other key-hiding dummy objects make excellent hiding places. Fake sprinkler heads are an excellent alternative to fake rocks. It is seamless and can be left on the lawn without drawing attention to itself.

A Spare Key Lock Box

A spare key lock box contains the following items: Spare key boxes with a code allow you to deposit and secure your key. You can lock it on the doorknob; your key will be safe as long as your code is kept secret.

The Patio

Put your key under the foot of a chair on the patio or between bricks in a hidden space around the fire pit. Patios are set back from doors, creating concealed hiding spots. You can also hide it under a loose paver along the pathway, preferably slightly away from the door.

Give it to a Reliable Neighbor

Giving your spare key to a neighbor you trust is one of the most secure ways.

Inside Toys

Due to the sophisticated structures and objects with many tiny spaces, children’s playgrounds make excellent hiding places. You can, for example, conceal your key inside toys or birdhouses.

Magnetic Lock Box Under Your Car

These boxes are designed to look like car parts and fit into small spaces under the car. They are also secured to prevent a thief from gaining access to the key.

Under The Dog House

Looking for keys under the dog house is a mentally torturous experience that no burglar wants to go through, especially if you have a loud mutt. Burglars despise suspicious dogs.

Final Thoughts

Hiding a spare key around the house can be just as harmful as leaving the door open if done incorrectly. Your home will be more safe if your spare key concealment strategies are unpredictable. By hiring a professional locksmith, you gain wider access to all lock-related concerns as well as a security assessment that identifies any security flaws in your premises. You may also be ignorant of various equipment and technologies that can help you improve the security of your house. A locksmith can offer the most up-to-date security advice, equipment, and services.

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