Wholesale Egg Prices Have Reportedly ‘Collapsed’

Wholesale Egg Prices Have ‘Collapsed.’ Why consumers may soon see relief


  • Egg prices rose to record highs in December. A dozen large Grade A eggs had more than doubled in price during 2022, on average.
  • A historic outbreak of bird flu in the U.S. disrupted egg production and supply, economists said.
  • Wholesale egg prices have fallen by more than 50% since December, according to Urner Barry data.
  • Retail egg prices may soon follow, but it’s not a sure thing.
  • Wholesale egg prices have cratered in recent weeks from record highs, meaning consumers may soon see relief at the grocery store.
  • But the dynamics of egg pricing from the wholesale to retail market, in addition to other factors, means that’s not a sure thing in the short term.
  • Prices fell to $2.61 per dozen eggs on Monday — a 52% decrease from the peak of around $5.43 on Dec. 19 and a 47% decrease from the beginning of 2023, according to Urner Barry, a market research firm that specializes in the wholesale food industry. Its Midwest Large White Egg price benchmark is a widely cited barometer in the egg industry.
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