“Not So Fast…” / Alabama Attorney General Lays Down the Law

After news of hundreds of Alabama inmates leaving prison early and a Monday lawsuit from the Alabama Attorney General, less than half of the originally reported inmates were released on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, 369 state inmates were set to be released early from prison following implementation of a 2021 state law.  But, due to issues notifying victims and their families, the release of many of those people has been pushed back.

About 80 inmates from the Alabama Department of Corrections were released as of 3 p.m. Tuesday, according to the agency.  Those released were either convicted of non-violent crimes, or the department had been able to notify the victim or their family of the impending release The remaining 300 or so people will be released as the department is able to make the notifications.

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall filed a lawsuit Monday, arguing the release should be delayed because of the lack of victim notifications—a state law.

While a judge decided against issuing a temporary restraining order against the ADOC, Commissioner John Hamm agreed that “no inmate will be released without compliance with the (state’s) victim-notice requirement.”



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