Centre Police Arrest Man on Multiple Counts

On the morning of January 20th, Centre Police Department Chief Investigator Randy Mayorga, Investigator Will Clark, and Officer Josh Thompson located and apprehended Dillion O’Cain, age 31 of Leesburg – whom they’d been actively looking for.

O’Cain had outstanding felony warrants for Receiving Stolen Property 1st, Receiving Stolen Property 2nd, Receiving Stolen Property 3rd, and for Possession of Burglary Tools all issued for his arrest that spanned over four different felony investigations with the Centre Police Department.

O’Cain was also wanted for questioning regarding an extensive number of burglaries he is believed to be involved in.

Upon his arrest, it was found that O’Cain also had three outstanding Alias warrants with the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office.  Those were served, as well.

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