Woman Arrested For Shoplifting at Walmart

A 27-year-old woman was arrested after being accused of shoplifting at Walmart in Trion. 

According to a report from the Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were dispatched to Walmart after the woman was seen leaving the store with a jacket that she had not paid for. 

When deputies arrived on the scene, they saw the woman getting in a pickup truck near the Murphy gas station.  Deputies stopped the driver who said the woman had just walked up to his truck and asked for a ride.  However, witnesses said that the woman had arrived at Walmart in the same truck. 

Carry Meranda Trapp was arrested and charged with shoplifting. 

Walmart employees said that they believed that the driver of the truck had been involved in a separate shoplifting incident earlier that day, but didn’t have enough evidence to press charges.

(WZQZ Chattooga County Radio)

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