Cedar Bluff Town Council Meeting

The Cedar Bluff Town Council met in regular session Monday night.

Approximately 5 weeks ago, a car ran into the back of a Cedar Bluff fire truck while the department was directing traffic at the intersection of highway 9 AND 35. The fire truck damages totaled to around $75,000. The engine is inoperable at this time and the truck will most likely be totaled.  The Town of Cedar Bluff still has only one working fire truck.

The Cedar Bluff Town Council voted to approve Resolution 202301 declaring public emergency for the temporary rental of a replacement fire truck. The temporary replacement truck will be rented from Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus’.  It should be arriving as soon as today. (01/10/23)

Since the accident surrounding area fire departments have been on standby to assist Cedar Bluff if necessary.

The Town of Cedar Bluff is still looking to purchase a replacement brush truck soon, as well after the one that was previously being used in Cedar Bluff was totaled.  Most of the equipment was salvaged from the wrecked truck and can still be used.

The Cedar Bluff Police Report for December listed 14 arrests, 1 felony arrest – and a total of 13 misdemeanors.  7 of the 14 were related to drugs. 2 traffic accidents were within the town limit. 17 investigations, 3 new investigations.  14 opened, 5 closed out, 29 incident/offense reports, 73 traffic stop contacts and 42 citations.

New Vision Magazine will feature the Town of Cedar Bluff in the upcoming issue – the  ad in the magazine will reach thousands of people – and it’ll cost the town $2,950.00; Cedar Bluff will be featured for two years in the magazine.

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