Chattooga County Sheriff Says New Office Providing More Space For Staff

Sheriff Says New Office Providing More Space For His Staff

Chattooga County Sheriff Mark Schrader says that the move to the former GBI Crime Lab near Hays State Prison has had a lot of positive affects on his office and staff.  In addition to a lot more space to work, the new facility offers a dedicated conference room and training facilities.  Also, the investigations team now has their own space in the building.

Recently, the sheriff walked through the new office and pointed out the large amount of storage area available.  There are two huge, secure vaults located in the facility.  The sheriff said that when he took possession of the building, he had the locks on the giant vaults updated and that they will now be used as a secure area to store evidence.  Before, the sheriff’s office had to store evidence in less than ideal areas.  Now, the sheriff said that evidence can be under lock and key and be stored safely.  The sheriff also said that his department will be making a thorough inventory of evidence that is currently being stored – some of which dates back several decades.

In addition to the dedicated areas for sheriff’s office staff, there is also a garage where investigators can process vehicles that are connected to crimes.

The new sheriff’s office is located on Underwood Drive which is located across from Wal-Mart near Trion.

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