Three Simple Words Can Mean Everything – “Love Conquers All”

Three simple words can mean everything – “Love Conquers All”

According to information posted on the Centre Police Department Facebook Page, on Saturday, December 17th, several officers were dispatched to the Cherokee County Courthouse property in response to a call that a number of masked individuals were staging a “protest”.

According to the Centre Police, officers made contact with those individuals and they were asked to remove their masks if they planned to protest.

Under Ala. Code § 13A-11-9. Loitering. “(a) A person commits the crime of loitering if he or she does any of the following (which includes) / (4) he or she is listed as – being masked, loiters, remains, or congregates in a public place.”

The individuals refused to remove their masks and chose instead to leave.

According to Centre Police, upon their leaving it was determined that all of the individuals present were from several counties away and not from here in Cherokee County.

Later, a man stood in front of the Courthouse displaying his own sign, one made up of three simple words: “Love Conquers All”.

WEIS Radio caught up with the man who shared that message – the Pastor at Faith in Christ Church in Fort Payne, and he’s a Coach and Teacher at Cherokee County High School – Mr. Shawn Turner.


He added this to what he wanted to achieve:


He also shared this thought with us, one that goes back to something someone once said to him:


Indeed, “Love Conquers All”; it’s good to see someone reaching out to ALL, not just a select group in this time of division that we see far too often today.


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