Rolling Blackouts Possible Today (Saturday, December 24th)/ UPDATE – Blackouts NOT Expected, But Residents Should Continue to Conserve

Rolling Blackouts Possible Today (Saturday, December 24th)

Once again, TVA has announced early today, they are having difficulty in meeting the electric demand. The temperature this morning dropped to 7 in Centre causing the electric demand to increase.

Cherokee Electric Coop officials notified WEIS Radio of the situation before 6 this morning.

All Cherokee Electric customers are being asked to cut back usage by at least 5 percent in order to prevent the “Rolling Blackouts”. Set your heating thermostat at 65. Post pone washing and drying clothes or running the dishwasher in order to help reduce demand. Working together to cut back consumption maybe we can get through this situation without the Rolling Blackouts.  Thank you advance for your cooperation.

UPDATE (as of 11:20am Saturday, December 24th)

Rolling Blackouts are NOT expected, but residents are urged to continue to conserve energy

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