Message from Alabama Power About Impending Weather Situation

FROM ALABAMA POWER / We are approaching a holiday weekend with a forecast for extremely cold temperatures.

Alabama Power makes smart investments in our power grid today so we can continue to provide our customers the service they expect – both now and in the decades to come. That includes investments in a diverse energy mix to maintain high levels of reliability for our customers during extreme temperatures.

We continuously monitor changing weather conditions, and always work to be prepared for extreme weather, including very high or low temperatures.

During times like this that have the potential to increase electricity bills, we value your assistance in sharing helpful information with our customers because we are committed to helping them save money on their energy bills.

We offer a variety of resources and tips to make homes energy-efficient during times of increased usage, while also maintaining safety and comfort. By making a few easy adjustments and changing some habits, customers can keep costs down while keeping their home warm.

We encourage customers to visit Cold Weather Tips | Alabama Power to find valuable ways to save money on their electricity bill. Small, but smart changes can add up to big savings.

We have a blog that provides advice on How to save energy during this holiday season and through the winter.

We’re also here to help customers struggling to pay their bills. Options we offer for working directly with customers to provide assistance include:

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