Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office Announces Award Winners

Each year Sheriff Jeff Shaver hosts an End-of-the-Year Award celebration for Sheriff’s Office employees.

During this meeting, Sheriff Shaver and Chief Deputy Summerford presented awards to show their appreciation to Deputies and Corrections Officers for their outstanding performance over the past year – while serving and protecting residents of Cherokee County.

A Medal of Valor was awarded – posthumously – to Corporal Keith Morgan and to his wife.  Corporal Morgan passed away in February of this year as a result of contracting COVID-19 while selflessly serving the citizens of Cherokee Count  Cpl. Keith Morgan’s Wife, Leanna, accepted the Medal of Valor

Sheriff Shaver awarded with 41 Years of Service in Law Enforcement

Cpl. Mike Farrell was awarded for having 32 Years of Service in Law Enforcement

SRO Deputy Tracy Nelson was awarded for 32 Years of Service in Law Enforcement

Deputy Phillip Stone was awarded for 34 Years of Service in Law Enforcement

Deputy Rex Leath was awarded for 38 Years of Service in Law Enforcement

Court Security Deputy Paul McDonald was awarded with 42 Years of Service in Law Enforcement

Cpl. Reserve Deputy Garry Thompson was awarded for 5 Years of Service with the Sheriff’s Office and for Outstanding Support to the Sheriff’s Office with the Most Reserve Volunteer Hours.

Inv. Jeremy Stepps was awarded with the Sheriff’s Star of Excellence

Inv. Michael Green was awarded for Highest Number of Criminal Cases and for the Outstanding Service Award

Inv. Stephen Hooks was awarded for 25 Years of Service in Law Enforcement

Sgt. Bubba Snead, Inv. Michael Green and Inv. Stephen Hooks awarded with Firearms Instructors

Firearms Top Shot Award was presented to Cpl. Daniel Holcomb on A-Shift Patrol, Deputy Jonah Smith on B-Shift Patrol, and Inv. Jeremy Stepps for Investigations.

Lt. Nick Vaughn was awarded with the Chief’s Leadership Award

Cpl. Tony Pettitt was awarded for Most Civil Papers Served

Cpl. Daniel Holcomb was awarded for 5 Years of Service with the Sheriff’s Office, Completion of K9 Training School, Most Recovered Stolen Vehicles, and Most Warrantless Arrests

Cpl. Kyle Newton was awarded for Most Warrants Served

Deputy Dakota Deberry was awarded for Most DUI Arrests

Deputy Jonah Smith was awarded for Most I/O Reports and Most Miles Patrolled

Correction Officer Sgt. Alyssa Lugo was awarded with the Life Saver Award

Correction Officer Sgt. Amanda Hamilton was awarded with the Hound Dog Award for B-Shift, along with CO Bill Bishop and CO Devin Smith

Correction Officer Shawn Pence was awarded with the Outstanding Service Award


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