WLIA Getting Ready For Crappie Rodeo 2023

Jamie Johnson, a representative of The Weiss Lake Improvement Association, spoke at The Cedar Bluff City Council meeting Monday night (11/15) asking for the continued support of the Town of Cedar Bluff.

Big projects were completed this year on Weiss Lake. With the help of Alabama Power, The Weiss Lake Improvement Association put out a new fish habitat that included around 200 fish attractants, made of bamboo and concrete. This year they were placed near the Bay Springs and Yellow Creek areas of Weiss Lake.

Another big improvement came with the purchasing of channel marker lights to go on all the channel marker poles on Weiss Lake. The poles are also being straightened and replaced when necessary. These changes should aid with visibility when operating a vessel at night.

The Weiss Lake Crappie Rodeo Tagging Tournaments will begin on November 26  at  Little River Marina. Anglers will bring in the fish that they catch on that day. 1000 fish will be tagged and released back into Weiss Lake. On February 1st, if you catch a tagged crappie, it is worth up to $10,000 if you have purchased your Bounty Badge at a participating merchant. There will be one fish worth $10,000, 52 fish will be worth $1,000, and the remainders are worth $50.

The Cedar Bluff Town Council approved a donation of $1,000 to The Weiss Lake Improvement Association in support of The Crappie Rodeo.


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