North Carolina Couple Arrested For Transmitting Obscene Material To A Child

According to Chief Kirk Blankenship, a North Carolina couple has been arrested on a slew of criminal charges. Anthony Domineck and Shannon K. Donovan were extradited from North Carolina earlier today as the result of an ongoing investigation conducted by Chief Inv. Randy Mayorga earlier this year.

The case began when a concerned parent reached out to law enforcement after concerning messages were found on a minor’s phone. The contents were extremely explicit. Chief Inv. Randy Mayorga was contacted directly.

Rainbow City PD Lt. Jason Higgins was contacted for assistance with the technological aspect on extracting information from the cellular device. Lt. Jason Higgins is also attached with the ICAC team.

As the investigation continued, the identities of the two offenders were obtained and warrants of arrest were secured.

Chief Kirk Blankenship  commended  Chief Inv. Randy Mayorga for his hard work and persistence on cases of this nature; as well as, extending his gratitude to the Rainbow City Police Dept. Lt. Jason Higgins for his assistance in this case that provided valuable resources to conduct this investigation. Chief Blankenship also wants to add that these cases are very complex in nature to work, but wants to encourage our citizens to remember that if they see something, say something. Protecting our children is one of our utmost priorities.

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