Ian Interrupts Activities In Northeast Alabama

While Hurricane Ian has entered South Florida as a major hurricane with winds of 155 mph, it is forecast to make a northward turn on Friday toward Georgia and South Carolina, and it is impacting events in northeast Alabama.

Football games have been moved to Thursday, grand openings postponed, and in Centre, officials are watching the progress toward our area to see if the Centre Fall Festival will be held as scheduled.

Mayor Mark Mansfield told the City Council Tuesday evening he will be communicating with the local EMA Director Thursday and Friday to see what are the possibilities of the Annual Event being interrupted. He said a decision will be made by noon Friday as to continuing as planned or cancel.

The National Weather Service is predicting most of the precipitation from the storm will be in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, but does not rule out showers over east Alabama locations. So for now, we will wait to see if Ian will allow the Centre Fall Festival to go forward.

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