Cherokee County Commission Disburses ARPA Funds

The Cherokee County Communications District is receiving $40,000 in ARPA Funds for premium pay related to COVID during the pandemic. EMA Director, Shawn Rogers, had approached the Commission for a $250,000 appropriation to cover the premium pay and the balance for equipment. He said the 9-1-1 Communications District is down to one console. One went out and he is now using the backup unit.

The Commission also approved ARPA Funds to reimburse the County’s General Fund for COVID related supplies during the pandemic. County Administrator, Daniel Steele told the Commission the fiscal year ends on September 30th and the expenses need to be repaid during the current fiscal year.

The County is to have a new employee to fill a newly created position of combined License Inspector and Solid Waste Officer. One of the requirements of the job is to be A-Post Certified. The person filling this position will be hired through the Sheriff’s department and will be supervised through that department but will provide services to the County Commission, Revenue Commissioner, and the Sheriff. The pay grade will start at Step 5.

County Employees who travel in their jobs will now enjoy a higher daily per diem reimbursement. County Administrator Steele told the Commission the current rate has been in effect since 2004 and was not sufficient to adequately pay for meals at today’s cost. The increased rate was approved.

Jennifer Campbell was appointed to the Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourist Association Board to represent the County Commission. The term is for two years.

The Commission adopted a resolution proclaiming the week of November 16 through November 22 as Alabama Farm City Week. Barry Bailey from the Cherokee County Farmers Federation was on hand to accept the proclamation and check for the Farm City Week Program hosted by the Farmers Federation.

Bethany Boyd was approved for hire as a part-time Library Assistant with pay grade 3. Kelly White and Wayne Lewis were approved for hire to fill HMT-1 positions at the County Highway Department. All positions will be effective October 3rd.  A part-time employee was approved for the Probate Judge’s office.

Two 2011 Chevy Tahoe’s from the Sheriff’s Office were declared as surplus and will be sold in the next auction. The Next Commission Meeting will be Tuesday, October 11 at 10AM.

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