Cherokee County Arrest Files for Thursday, September 22nd

Cherokee County Arrest Files:

Jeffrey Sims, age 50 of Leesburg – DUI/Controlled Substance;

Michael Cox, age 21 of Centre – Failure to Appear (three counts) and a Bond Revocation;

Kim Kelley, age 55 of Piedmont – Court Order;

Byron Young, 52 of Cedar Bluff – Court Order and Probation Reocation:

Star Maloof, age 43 of Piedmont – Failure to Appear on a prior charge of Theft of Property 4th Degree;


Jerry Downey, age 23 of Piedmont – NO CHARGES LISTED

Arrests are based on probable cause – all suspects are considered innocent until proven guilty ina court of law

Currently there are 100 inmates housed in the Cherokee County Detention Center.

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