Flooding Update from Cherokee County EMA

TUESDAY 12:00pm FLOODING UPDATE / Cherokee County EMA News Release

As the water continues to recede back into the Chattooga River, Alabama Power and the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers have done a phenomenal job with controlling the water level of Weiss Lake. According to current data, Weiss Lake at Weiss Dam is sitting at 564.1′ which is only one inch above full pool. The spillway gates are open and the generators are on as water continues to get pushed downstream. At one point yesterday the lake level at Weiss Dam reached 564.5′ but lowered overnight.

We are not expecting the lake level to increase very much if any at all in the days ahead, unless an unexpected significant amount of rainfall occurs. We will continue to monitor the level of the Chattooga River as it is currently at 16′ which is 3′ above the 13′ flood stage.  Thank you for heeding the warnings issued by the National Weather Service in Birmingham, listening to the messaging from the Cherokee County Emergency Management Agency, and taking precautions over the last few days to ensure your property wasn’t damaged.

We understand how frustrating things can get when dealing with flooding events. Going forward it is important to remember there is a lot of misinformation that circulates on social media that often causes panic and unnecessary stress. Make sure you filter out that misinformation and listen to credible sources.

We will continue to monitor the conditions and provide updates as needed.

~Cherokee County EMA



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