UPDATE on Flood Situation in Chattooga County, Georgia / More Pics from Around Cherokee County (Alabama)

The flooding that plagued Chattooga County over Labor Day weekend is being called a flood of “historic proportions”. 

The National Weather Service in Peachtree City, Georgia says over 14 inches of rain fell in about an eight-hour period from Saturday night into Sunday morning. 

Tri-State Weather Meteorologist Patrick Core said that a stalled low pressure system over Alabama and plenty of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico created the perfect conditions for a horrible situation.  Core says the weather system not only stalled just to the west of Chattooga County and was pulling plenty of moisture but also thunderstorms were duplicating over the stalled system.


The creeks, streams, rivers and drainage ditches couldn’t keep up with the massive amounts of water that were falling and dangerous flood conditions developed.  Core says the good news is – that the last half of September is typically a drier time of the year for Northwest Georgia.

Here are some photos from around Cherokee County (Alabama) during the height of the storms.

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