UPDATE on Conditions in Chattooga County, Georgia

With reports of over 14 inches of rainfall in the Summerville area on Sunday, flooding has affected hundreds of homes and businesses.  On Sunday, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp issued an emergency declaration for the county to clear the way for assistance from state agencies.  There are several flood relief efforts that are underway today:

  • Pastor Sammy Barrett with North Summerville Baptist Church in Summerville has bottled water available for the City of Summerville residents who are without water. Their address is 119 Maplewood Drive, Summerville and the church volunteers are there now distributing water between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday. They also will be giving away clothes for those that need them.
  • Pastor Brandon Bishop, Central Avenue Baptist Church in Trion and Barry Peppers, Associational Missionary, have announced a water giveaway for Monday from noon until 5 p.m. Each family will receive two cases of water and a hot meal. The location is 14074 Highway 27, Trion. They also will have clean up kits available.
  • The City of Summerville has two “water buffaloes” set up to provide household water in the parking lot across from the Summerville Fire Department

Summerville Public Works Director Terry Tennie tells WZQZ News that the city is still assessing flood damage at the Raccoon Creek water treatment plant.  The plant sustained heavy damage during the flooding on Sunday.  There is no official word on when water service will be fully restored.  Meanwhile, Trion Mayor Lanny Thomas says that the Trion water supply is safe for customers.  The City of Menlo is currently getting water from the City of Summerville, so Menlo customers are under a Boil Water Notice at this time, as are Summerville water customers.

The Chattooga County School System will make a decision later today about school for the rest of the week.

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