The National Weather Service Office in Birmingham has issued a Flash Flood Warning for Northern Cherokee County until 6:15 this evening. At 2:09 PM today, Doppler Radar and automated rain gauges indicated heavy rain falling across the warned area. Between 6 and 8 inches of rain have already fallen with additional periods of rain expected over the coming hours. Flash Flooding is already occurring with creeks and streams overflowing in many areas. Some locations that will be affected include: Little River Canyon National Preserve, Blanche, chesterfield, New Moon and Broomtown. Cherokee County Road 97 has both lanes covered with water in some areas. Motorists are urged to not drive through water flowing over the roadway. REMEMBER: TURNAROUND  WHEN YOU ENCOUNTER WATER OVER THE ROADWAY SO YOU WON’T DROWN.

Areas around the northern portion of Weiss Lake could see some flooding areas with the large amount of rainfall in the Summerville and Trion, Georgia areas. Much of that water will flow down the Chattooga River into Weiss. The lake is currently one inch above summer pool. Property owners around the lake are encouraged to monitor the situation and be prepared to take action to protect their property.

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