Ten Pounds of Meth Seized / Rainsville Man Arrested, Charged with Trafficking

On Wednesday (August 31st) Agents from ALEA Region F Narcotics, ADETF Region F Narcotics, the DeKalb County Narcotics Unit, the Huntsville (STAC) HIDA, and United States Postal Inspectors, arrested Rayford Russell Jr., 73 of Rainsville – and charged him with Possession of Marijuana 1st and Trafficking in any Illegal Drug. 

This is a result of a long-term investigation that spans over an 8-month period.  Agents seized approximately 10 lbs. of methamphetamine that was being sent via Postal Service, when Postal Inspectors intercepted the package.  A controlled delivery of the package followed with a search warrant being executed by the DeKalb County SRT Team.  The package was intended to be sent to Russell.  After interviews and further investigation, warrants were obtained for Russell.  Over 40,000 dollars, a firearm and property, that Russell obtained by illegal drug proceeds, were seized at the scene. 

This case is still under investigation with more charges and arrest pending.  Russell is on Federal Probation from a Trafficking Charge he received in 2007.

DeKalb County Sheriff Nick Welden said of the incident: “These cases take patience and many long days and nights.  We have to make sure they are bullet-proofed cases so the prosecution can do their part and a debt to society will surely be paid by the offender.  This absolutely displayed a great working relationship from a local to federal level, and we greatly appreciate that relationship and support displayed.  This is a huge WIN on the war on drugs in DeKalb County and I’m very proud of all those men and women involved who made it happen.  I hope the citizens of DeKalb County see the effort that has been displayed in getting this poison off our streets.  AND….other drug dealers realize their turn in coming.

See you soon!”


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