Cedar Bluff Town Council Meeting for Aug. 8

CEDAR BLUFF – The Cedar Bluff Town Council approved an amended motion for an employee handbook addition of a benefit for employees who retire with 25 or more years of service to the town at its Monday meeting.

The provision deals with paying health insurance for retired employees. The subject was on the agenda for last month’s meeting, but the council decided to table it until Monday’s meeting while more legal counsel was obtained about the issue.

Mayor Tammy Crane made the following motion at Monday evening’s meeting: “The Town of Cedar Bluff will pay $750 of the individual retiree’s group health insurance monthly premium. For any employee who retires from employment from the Town of Cedar Bluff with 25 years or longer service to the town. This benefit shall cease upon eligibility of reaching the age of 65 years, becoming eligible for Medicare or enter active employment with any other employer, whichever shall occur first. After each time, the eligible employee will be responsible for the cost associated with any available group insurance premium.”

District 1 council member Tim Miller amended Crane’s motion to pay $850. District 2 council member Anna Grace seconded Miller’s amended motion.

Miller, Grace and Mayor Crane voted yes to approve the amended motion. District 3 council member Jack Bond and District 4 council member Angela Ritchie both voted no. District 5 council member Leatha Harp was absent from the meeting.

Minutes from the July 11 meeting as well as the financial report for July were also approved. The council also approved the purchase of a John Deere forklift attachment in the amount of $1,034.85. The council also discussed the purchase of barricades, but tabled a motion to the next meeting to find out the cost of shipping.

The police department report for July included 59 incident reports. There were 74 traffic stops, with 35 warnings and 39 citations issued. Two traffic accidents were worked and 75 arrests were made. Forty of those arrests were misdemeanors, 10 were felonies, and 25 were drug related.

In its work session, the council heard a presentation from Extended Family for Kids Director Laure Clemons. Clemons updated the council on recent happenings within her organization.

The next council meeting is scheduled for Sept. 12, 2022.

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