David Hartline Receives “Purple Heart” During Special Event in Montgomery

(Photo from www.dvidshub.net)

A Cherokee County native was recently honored for his outstanding military service, receiving a Purple Heart more than five decades after returning home from Vietnam.  The event took place in Montgomery and we have this report from WSAF/Channel 12 TV News:

David L. Hartline was born and raised in northeast Alabama; number4 of 12 children. He was drafted into the US Army in January 1968.  

After combat training schools, he served in Vietnam, attached to the 1st Cav Division & 101st ABN Division in 1968; in 1969 he served in the Mekong Delta with the 9th Infantry Division as a recon scout and LRRP.  David was a member of the first combat battalion to be withdrawn from Vietnam; was wounded twice receiving several medals and awards.  

After his active duty service, he continued to serve in the US Army Reserves and National Guard, serving a total of 23 years and retiring at rank of Lieutenant Colonel. He completed his education; worked as a college instructor and was also a chief of police.  AAFES sent him nationwide selling copies of his books (the most well known being the best-selling “What a Soldier Gives”).  David has received numerous commendations and awards for his work in the community. while continuing his writing, and he has spent many years motivating young troops around the country. 





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