School Supplies Provided for All Cherokee County Students

School Supplies Provided for All Cherokee County Students

Cherokee County Schools is a Title I district, meaning that our system receives federal funding based on the level of financial need demonstrated by our students and families. We strive to use these funds in ways that are both meaningful and impactful in our students’ educational experiences. This coming school year (2022-2023), Cherokee County Schools will be using a portion of our federal funding to purchase our students’ Back-To-School supplies.

The complete list that you normally receive from your upcoming teacher will be provided for your student. Backpacks and lunchboxes are not included in these purchases, so families will need to make plans to purchase these if needed. Every child in our district will be provided with the necessary supplies on the first day of class.

It is our hope that this initiative will provide financial relief to our families and encourage a successful start to a new school year. If you have any questions regarding this current initiative, please feel free to contact the Federal Programs Department at Cherokee County Schools. We are happy to help in any way we can and are always so very grateful for the continued support our families provide.

Randy Smith, Federal Programs Director for Cherokee County Schools


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