Cedar Bluff Town Council Meeting for Monday, July 11th

The Cedar Bluff Town Council had a short agenda for their regular meeting on Monday.

The minutes from the past meeting was approved along with the June financials. The Police Department report for June was presented to the Council by Officer Dalton Cosby with 85 Traffic Stops, resulting in 43 warnings issued, 42 citations, and 5 traffic accidents investigated. The department had 4 felony arrests and 28 misdemeanor arrests for a total of 32 arrest with 16 of those being drug related. The department also a completed a total of 49 incident and offense reports.

Although the Town Council meeting was brief, more than an hour was spent discussing the Town Council of 2019’s approval of an employee handbook addition of a benefit for employees who retire with 25 or more years of service to the Town. The provision deals with paying health insurance for the retired employee. The subject was on the agenda for yesterday’s meeting but the Council decided to table it to the next meeting while more legal counsel may be obtained about the issue.

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