Centre City Council Meeting June 14th 2022

Mayor Mark Mansfield opened up the Tuesday Centre City Council Meeting by wishing everyone a Happy Flag Day.

The May minutes were approved, as well as the accounts payable.

During the planning meeting, Heather Graham from the Alabama Regional Planning Association discussed a $500,000 grant that is available to use toward the demolition of the middle school, as well as fixing up the old gym.  There is a public meeting set for June 28th at 3pm to discuss this further with the community and vote on a resolution to move forward with the project.

Johnny Williams with the Forrest Frost Group completed the annual audit ending September 30, 2021.  He explained that the total revenues for the city exceeded the budget by $1.8 million, the expenditures were under budget by $302,000, making the favorable budget of the general fund in the amount of almost $1.5 million. Overall that increased the fund balance by $1.7 million. Williams stated that the City of Centre is in excellent condition.

Mayor Mansfield stated that it was a great audit report and thanked all of those involved.  The council then approved paying the audit fees in the amount of $18,850.

After a long process of bids for an upgrade to the tennis courts, a 3rd bid was approved in the amount of $530,506 during Tuesday’s meeting.  It was also approved for Ladd Engineering Service to re-design the lighting for the tennis court upgrade in the amount of $3,500.

Cherokee Electric is looking to build maintenance buildings at 1550 Chestnut Bypass in Centre.  Harold Day, the Chairman of the Planning Commission Board recommended that the parcel of land be rezoned from residential to highway commercial to make this happen.  The council then voted to approve the recommendation.

It was also approved for the community center to purchase a security camera system in the amount of $8,813.72

The Centre 8U and 10U Softball teams are headed to the state tournaments in Valley, AL. The cost associated to send them to the tournaments was $4,500 and the city only had $3,000 budgeted for them to go.  Cherokee County was able to pitch in $1,500 and a motion was given for the city to put another $750 in for each team to help out with hotel fees.  There was a unanimous vote to put forth the extra funds.

Mayor Mansfield also mentioned the Texas school shooting and wanted to ensure that the Centre Police Officers were up to speed on training.  Centre Police Chief Kirk Blankenship expressed to the mayor that all officers have had their training; over and above the annual training that the state requires.  In an effort to equip officers further for an active shooter, the police department has request a software system called Firearms Training Systems, Inc. or FATS.

According to their website, Firearms Training Systems, Inc. (FATS) was established in Atlanta, Georgia by Formula One World Champion, Jody Scheckter. FATS is the first company in the world to produce interactive firearms training simulators for law enforcement and military markets.

This would give local officers real world experience in a virtual environment, including many different active shooter scenarios.

The system is available for a week of use and the only stipulation to getting the system is to share it with other local municipalities, plus it gives the Centre Police Department a discount on their insurance and Workman’s Comp.

“This active shooter program sounds fabulous.” Mansfield said.  They are waiting on FATS to get back with them and hope to have it scheduled as soon as possible.

The next meeting of the Centre City Council will be June 28th at 5:00pm.




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