Police Seeking Assistance of Public in Locating Suspects in Bypass Business Theft

Centre Police responded this week to a report of stolen merchandise, taken from one of the businesses located on the Chesnut Bypass.

We spoke with the Centre Police Department Friday morning – and they informed us that the son of the late business owner stated that someone stole a new 7×16 double-axle trailer overnight Wednesday (May 25th) from the lot at 405 Chesnut Bypass and he turned over to law enforcement video and still pictures of the theft in progress.

Anyone with any information regarding that theft or of the individuals responsible is highly encouraged to contacted authorities as soon as possible.

From Facebook:

PLEASE SHARE: We had a New 7×16 double axle trailer stolen from my deceased father’s lot. (405 Chesnut Bypass, Centre, AL) We have continued to run part time, to help my 78 year old mother with her bills. If anyone in the video or pic looks familiar please forward to the Centre Police Department, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s office or you may direct message me and I will forward to the authorities. As angry as I am I do not want anyone wrongfully accused so please do not share any suspicions on the public page. Thank you. It’s been a tough year for our family and it is upsetting to have someone like this make it worse. (I had this posted on market place but removed it to not cause confusion). Also I would like to thank the Centre Police Department for their quick and professional response.

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