$14 Million Construction Project Approved for Sand Rock High School

The bid for construction at Sand Rock High School was approved at the Cherokee County School Board meeting on Wednesday.  WEIS radio was there and asked School Superintendent, Mike Welsh about the total cost on this project, “With the alternate plan of taking out the lunchroom, it is around $14 million dollars.”

Welsh went on to tell us that the construction project will be done in two phases.  First, classrooms for grades 7-12 will be built.  Then they will demolish the old building, including the old offices and library, allowing for the reconstruction of those facilities.

The remodeling of the lunchroom was added into the plans, but due to rising construction costs had to be cut. Welsh went on to say that they could revisit the lunchroom remodeling project again later, but right now, do not want to get the school system in a bind with all of the other responsibilities and projects they have going on.

Welsh expects construction to be underway beginning this summer and possibly completed by the 2023-24 school year.

For more topics discussed at Wednesday’s School Board Meeting, check back here on weisradio.com

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