Lauderdale County Chief of Corrections and Capital Murder Suspect Still on the Run


According to a news release from the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Office the Assistant Director of Corrections Vicky White – and an inmate, Gary Cole White, remain on the run.

The pair left the jail in what authorities are referring to as a well-planned escape, but one which was captured on video.

That April 29th video, which was released on Tuesday of this week (May 3rd), shows Vicky White at 9:29am Friday pulling her sheriff’s vehicle up next to a door at the jail in downtown Florence; she then exits the vehicle and goes into the jail’s booking area, only to return moments later, with Gary White in shackles.  She then places him in back seat of the vehicle, returns to the driver’s seat and in under two minutes from start to finish – the two are gone.  Casey White, age 38, was a capital murder suspect already serving a 75 year sentence for unrelated convictions, and Vicky White, age 56, has been charged with permitting and or aiding an escape – which is a felony offense.

The two are believed to be armed with an AR-15 and a shotgun in addition to White’s service weapon.

Authorities stress that should anyone see the two, they should call 9-1-1 immediately and DO NOT approach them as they are both considered dangerous.

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