“Rebuild Alabama Act” Grant Provides $250,000 for County Road 70 Work / Representative Ginny Shaver Discusses Project

District 39 State Representative Ginny Shaver appeared on WEIS Radio early Friday Morning – and shared some great news from the Governor’s Office regarding a much-needed, and very important, step forward for Cherokee County:


Cherokee Rock Village draws in excess of 50,000 visitors a year – with many annual events including National Rock Crawling competitions, rock-climbing for a large amount of enthusiasts and even bird-watching groups from all over the U.S. and beyond.  Cherokee Rock Village literally attracts people from right in our back yard – across the southeast and the nation – and literally around the world. 

Great numbers have discovered the beauty of the area – with strategically positioned observation decks offering breathtaking sites you’ll remember forever with camping facilities that are unmatched.  With the new ease of reaching the site tourism and an influx of visitors into Cherokee County are sure to follow in even greater numbers than before.

We spoke with Cherokee County Administrator Daniel Steele, regarding any possible time-line covering the project, and he said it’s not clear when the money will actually be in-hand, but that he is working to pull all that information together and it appears at this point, a start date will likely be mid-summer (2022).  He also noted that some preliminary work to both the bridge and drains would be necessary; we’ll have more information as it becomes available.  Steele did add that the “Rebuild Alabama Act” grant money, in the amount of $250,000, will require a local match of only $11,000.

To hear Representative Shaver’s interview in its entirety simply click the link below:

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