DeKalb General Hospital and Former Nursing Home Property to Make Way for Future

A once busy hospital in northeast Alabama is now laid to rest.

DeKalb General Hospital, which was recently torn down in DeKalb County, served for years as a shining light to those in need of medical service; and later on, as a provider of comfort for many during their latter lives, after being remodeled as a then-state of the art nursing home.  Ft Payne Mayor Brian Baine was among the group that came out to watch some of the demolition, work – telling WAFF and Associated Press staff that he, himself, was born in the facility.

He said long-range plans for the site have yet to be decided but the reason logistically for the demolition is simple – money.  After being a vital part of the community for so many years, first as a hospital, then a nursing home – the doors were shuttered in the early 2000’s because it had simply gotten to the point wehere it would b

“I was actually born in this hospital,” Baine said. “It’s a little sad to see it go, but it was in so much disrepair, and it was going to cost so much to go in and repair it, and it just wasn’t feasible to do that.”

Baine said it could take as long as six weeks to clear the property, and officials will consider what to do with the land in the meantime.

(WAFF/Associated Press)

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