Summerville Police Arrest Man on Drug Charges Following Auto Accident Near Chattooga High School

Summerville Police were dispatched to the scene of an accident on Highway 114 near Chattooga High School last Sunday.

According to reports, eyewitnesses had observed and recorded both the accident and the events leading up it; a Ford Focus was observed to be unable to maintain a single lane and was following very closely behind a vehicle before sideswiping another car.

Officers made contact with the driver of the Ford who was quickly identified as Ricky Johnson.   Johnson told officers he was sleepy from working long hours however they noticed he appeared confused with a flushed face and slurred speech.

Johnson’s pupils were also constricted to pinpoints.  When asked if he had taken any drugs or had anything to drink Johnson initially said he had smoked some marijuana earlier that morning, but denied “taking any drugs, legal or illegal”.

After telling Johnson that his pupils were very small and his face flushed, Johnson did admit to taking several prescription drugs including a muscle relaxer.

Johnson subsequently failed several field sobriety tests, and was placed under arrest for driving under the influence before being transported to jail.  

Even though Johnson had been asked if he had anything on his person that he did not want to cross the guard line with – he managed to forget about a Hydrocodone pill in his pocket.

He was charged with Possession of Barbiturates, Operation of a Vehicle without Tag or Decal, No License on Person, DUI/Drugs, with Failure to Maintain Single Lane, and also Following to Closely.

(WZQZ Chattooga County Radio)

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