Leesburg Police Chief Brent Grimes Signs Off For The Final Time

Effective Tuesday, August 31st Leesburg Police Chief Brent Grimes officially announced that he is retiring. He signed off his shift on Tuesday for the final time. 

Chief Grimes made the decision to retire after announcing earlier in the month that he had been battling some medical issues for many years. Chief Grimes issued a statement saying

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]I want to thank everyone for the opportunity I was given to serve the Communities that I have served, and I want to thank God for bringing me through this safely, and also thank my family and friends for the support they have given me over the years, and most of all I want to thank my beautiful wife for putting up with the long hours, working on holidays, all the missed family get togethers and for supporting me all these years, and to everyone thank you again and may God Bless you all![/quote]

Grimes said that it is time for him to relax and enjoy life. All of us at WEIS Radio wish Chief Grimes a happy retirement and offer our thanks for his many years of service to the citizens of Cherokee County over the last 20 plus years.

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