Circuit Judges Extend Their Appreciation To Jurors

Circuit Judges Shaunathan Bell, Jeremy Taylor, and Andrew Hairston extend their sincere appreciation to the individuals that sacrificed their time and expended effort to serve on juries the week of April 12-16, 2021 in both DeKalb and Cherokee Counties.  Their service resolved several cases in the circuit.

In DeKalb County, Judges Bell & Taylor conducted two separate jury trials simultaneously that resolved a civil dispute and a criminal dispute.  All three judges had various other cases settle because of the presence of the jury members.  The jury system is a cornerstone of our judicial system.  If you get a jury summons in the coming weeks, please take the time to serve.  The judicial system cannot operate efficiently without your service; your fellow citizens cannot enjoy the full benefit of our constitutional republic without your service.

During the trials and the jury selection process, all courts take multiple steps to ensure the health of the jury and the participants by ensuring that masks were worn, air purifiers were utilized, hand sanitizer was available and social distancing was implemented when practical. 

These safety protocols are being implemented in the other courts as well. Both Cherokee County District Judge Wes Mobley and DeKalb County District Judge Steven Whitmire also adhere to these protocols in their respective courts.

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