18-Wheeler Accident on Highway 35 Near Little River Bridge; Heavy Rain Causing Driving/Flooding Problems

We’ve had reports of an 18-wheeler being partially “jackknifed” on Highway 35 going up the mountain; that’s just past Little River Bridge.

It’s unclear if the road is fully blocked or down to one lane.  Both the Broomtown Fire Department and State Troopers have responded to the location.  That mishap took place at around 9:50am – we’ll have more information, as it’s made available.  Exercise caution when approaching that area, or better yet choose an alternate route

We’ve also had reports of water across the road on Highway 411 north – near what is referred to as “Dead Man’s Curve” going toward Georgia.  Many roadways around the county will likely be “ponding” or having a steady stream of water flowing across them throughout the day, so slow down and exercise caution.


And remember, “Turn around, don’t drown”

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