Mayor of Cedar Bluff Announces New Mayor Pro Tem

The Town of Cedar Bluff has a new Mayor Pro Tem.

Mayor Tammy Crane called a “Special Meeting” of the Town Council at 5:30 on Friday afternoon.

The mayor called the meeting to order, and announced that she was appointing Anna Grace as Mayor Pro Tem.  Council member Jack Bond asked just why it was necessary to change Mayor Pro Tems, and Mayor Crane did not have an answer.  Bond also said that he wasn’t sure the mayor had the authority to make the appointment, but Mayor Crane town’s by laws.  Mayor Crane then told the council she may not be able to be at the next council meeting and wanted Grace to serve as Mayor Pro Tem.

Council member Angela Ritchie has been serving as Pro Tem, but told the council she is working in Cedartown (Georgia) and may not be readily available to be in the town hall if needed in the absence of the mayor.

Following the discussion Mayor Crane announced that the meeting was over.

At that point she she adjourned the meeting seemingly leaving council members with more questions than answers.



Cedar Bluff Mayor Tammy Crane

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