Supplements Containing Tianeptine to be Classified as a Schedule II Controlled Substance

As of Monday, March 15, 2021, The Alabama Department of Public Health formally classified “Tianeptine” as a Schedule II controlled substance in the State of Alabama.  As such products containing the drug “Tianeptine” will no longer be legally available to purchase over the counter in Alabama.

Tianeptine, often marketed as a dietary supplement, is commonly found in convenience stores under the names such as Tianaa or ZaZa Red.  This highly addictive synthetic drug, can give its users a euphoric high and strong withdrawal symptom.

Those found in possession of the Schedule II controlled substance without a valid prescription, could possibly face felony charges in the state of Alabama.

In DeKalb County business owners are advised to dispose of this drug responsibly.  Sheriff Nick Welden said that Letters will be given out to every store in DeKalb County about pulling this product off the shelves.  After the letters have been handed out, the business owner will then have 48 hours to remove the products.  If after the allotted time the product is found on shelves, it will be seized and felony charges could be sought against the business owner.

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