Backlog of Cases Leads to HUGE Jump in Monday’s COVID-19 Data Report

Alabama saw a HUGE increase in COVID cases, after the backlog of cases was added at the beginning of the week.

The Alabama Department of Public Health added 4,556 coronavirus cases going from Sunday into Monday, bringing the state’s total to 508,229 – 4,007 were actually from a backlog of cases dating to last year (2020); only 549 were new cases.

The agency said:  “These will be classified as confirmed and probable COVID-19 cases as reported on March 15th even though the tests were performed during October 1st of 2020 through January 1st, 2021,”

There are currently 413 coronavirus hospitalizations across the state – a sharp drop from the 3,000-plus at the beginning of the year.

Alabama has thus far administered just over 1.2 million doses of COVID vaccine.


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