Cherokee County Boy Scout Starts His Own Countywide Cleanup Campaign

One local student passionate about cleaning up Cherokee County has started his own campaign in an effort to rid the county of litter.

Levi Crabtree has always felt very strongly about litter in his community. He actually for one of his merit badge requirements had to write a letter about something you feel passionate about and he chose litter and wrote to Senator Richard Shelby.

But what got Waste Wednesday started was about 2-3 weekends ago when he helped do a cleanup on Holman St. in Leesburg with his Scout Troop 247 and the group known as Clean up Cherokee.

That day they picked up 43 bags. Later that evening he got to thinking “there is something we can do as a community” and then that’s when it hit him Waste Wednesday.

Levi organized a community clean up every Wednesday and got volunteers to come help in areas that needed it.

Levi said “I can only do so much as one person but if we get the community involved and bring awareness then we can keep our community clean not only for us but the tourists that come to our county.”  Crabtree has purchased 20 Safety vest and 20 grabbers for volunteers to use while they help him during a cleanup. 

The 1st Waste Wednesday was on County Road 20 in Leesburg. The group spent 2 1/2 hours cleaning up that day. They had 4 and collected 10 big bags of trash, 10 tires, an ottoman and 2 couch cushions that day.

Since then Levi and his crew have picked up trash during the weekend and other days on County Road 71, County Road 19 and on Park Street in Centre. Since the 1st Waste Wednesday and the other cleanup days with Levi, he has been keeping a log of how many bags and items they have collected.

This is the total so far:

  • 65 bags total
  • 12 tires
  • Ottoman 
  • 2 couch cushions 
  • 3 extra large cardboard boxes
  • 1 door
  • 1 large sign
  • Various large size car parts 
  • Large amount of construction supplies 
  • Toilet 
  • End table

You can find our more about the Waste Wednesday campaign and keep up with weekly updates by visiting the official Facebook page.


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3 thoughts on “Cherokee County Boy Scout Starts His Own Countywide Cleanup Campaign”

  1. Bobby Clanton

    Thank you Levi Crabtree and everyone who participated in Waste Wednesday. It sure makes a difference to the tourists coming to Cherokee Co Again Thank You All

  2. Glenn Huggins

    This is great to hear, I’ve been ashamed of how people litter this county and even this whole state since I moved here. I have thought about trying to get out and pick up some garbage myself. Maybe this will make people more aware and take better care of their community.

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