UPDATE| Two Vehicles Burned, Four People Including Two Firefighters Treated On Thursday Morning

Spring Creek Firefighters were called to the scene of a reported vehicle fire taking place at a location on County Road 378 just off of Highway 411 on Thursday morning. Once arriving on-scene firefighters discovered 2 vehicles on fire

Due to the saturated ground and distance to the fire,  firefighters were unable to access the fire with fire trucks. The fire was more than 700 yards behind the residence and firefighters had to carry hand tools and walk in to fight the fire. 

Firefighters requested Alabama Forestry to respond to help them contain the fire due increased winds causing the fire to quickly spread. Forestry arrived on-scene and was able to plow a break around the fire containing it to approximately 5 acres. 

The Cherokee County Rescue Squad was also called to respond with an All-Terrain Vehicle to help transport two people who suffered heat exhaustion while trying to put the fire out before firefighters arrived on-scene.

Floyd EMS responded to evaluate and provide medical treatment to those who needed it and to provide medical support to firefighters while they battled the blaze. Two firefighters suffered minor burns to their arms while battling the fire due to rapidly changing conditions. Both firefighters were treated by EMS and returned to fighting fire. 

Due to the quick actions of all involved the fire was brought under control in just under an hour.

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