Cenergistic Energy Saves The Cherokee County School Board Over $1.7 Million

Cenergistic Energy has saved the Cherokee County Board of Education $1.727,127.000 to date since the program was first enacted in Cherokee County.

These savings do not include savings for the first four months of the program and savings attributed to the reduced equipment repair, and LED lighting grants.

Russell Jacoway is the Energy Specialist for Cenergistic to the Cherokee County School Board and he made a very detailed presentation during the boards’ most recent meeting. Jacoway said that company matrix had predicted a savings in the first five years of the program of around $802, 864.00. The actual cost avoidance savings for the first five years was $1,358,052.00.

Jacoway said that through the program, all five Cherokee County Schools are now Energy Star Certified, have received LED lighting grants, all have wifi controlled thermostats, all have exceeded company matrix savings predictions in each year of the program and have surpassed over $1,000,000.00 in cost avoidance to the school system, now nearing the $2,000,000.00 mark.

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