Warrants Issued For Man Banned From Summerville Convenience Store

On Monday of this week, Summerville Police were called to the Circle K convenience store on the Lyerly Highway due to a man who was intoxicated and was previously banned from the store.

When an officer arrived, he spoke with twenty-eight-year-old Jerry Michael Luallen and told Mr. Luallen that he was banned from the property.  The officer said that Luallen was acting as if he were under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Luallen admitted to the officer that he had used methamphetamine three days earlier, but explained his behavior by saying his sister had “used witchcraft” on him.

Luallen was taken by ambulance to be checked out at a Rome hospital.

Summerville Police say that warrants were taken out charging Mr. Luallen with public intoxication and loitering and prowling.

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