Leesburg Police Ask That Everyone Be Respectful Of Mask Mandate Especially In Local Businesses

Leesburg Police Chief Brent Grimes

The Leesburg Police Department says that while they won’t be issuing citations or making arrests – they encourage citizens to be respectful and abide by the Governor’s Mask Order when entering local businesses.

Leesburg Police Chief Brent Grimes urges Leesburg residents to follow all guidelines set in place to help stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus, including wearing a mask and making sure you follow the six foot distancing rule.

Chief Grimes says that if a business requires a mask for you to enter the establishments simply follow the requirement or find a business that does not require a face covering or mask. Grimes said that if his department receives a call of a patron causing a disturbance for refusing to wear a mask, you will be asked to leave.

It has been said numerous times, these businesses did not issue this mandate and they’re simply trying to comply in order to keep their doors open during these difficult times.

Chief Grimes says that everyone doing their part will help get us back to a state of normalcy more quickly.

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