Summerville Man Accused of Assaulting 70 Year Old Woman

A 33 year old Summerville, Georgia man has been booked into the Chattooga County Jail on charges of criminal trespass and exploitation and intimidation of the elderly; that, after he was accused of assaulting a 70 year old woman on Dry Valley Road earlier this week.

According to the Summerville Police Department, Matthew Sprayberry came to the home of Benjamin Clayton and asked for a place to stay.  Clayton told police that he and his wife told Sprayberry they didn’t have a place for him.  Sprayberry allegedly came back that night and assaulted Clayton’s mother.

Police say that the victim said that Sprayberry knocked on the door and when she opened it he came in and “…choked and strangled her with his jacket by wrapping the jacket around her neck with a tight grip while beating her with his fist.”

Sprayberry was subsequently arrested and transported to the Chattooga County Jail.

(WZQZ Chattooga County Radio)

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