ADPH Releases Additional Demographic Data on COVID-19 Cases

New information released from the Alabama Department of Public Health is shedding more light on the coronavirus pandemic in Alabama.

Tuesday, the ADPH released a large amount of demographic data related to COVID-19.

Before the only information provided was the county in which the diagnosed patient lived – the agency is still not releasing the exact location where the patient resides but is providing age, race and health conditions for those with the disease.

The latest ADPH info includes numbers on healthcare workers who are infected, the spread in Alabama nursing homes – and any underlying health conditions in connection with those who died from COVID-19.

Here’s the latest from ADPH as of Tuesday, April 7th:

2,007 laboratory cases – as of today there were 52 reported deaths – 39 of which have been confirmed.


Hospitalizations and healthcare workers

  • There have been 272 total hospitalizations since March 13. Of those, 116 have been in ICU with 75 on mechanical ventilation.
  • 315 healthcare workers in Alabama have been diagnosed with coronavirus. That accounts for about 16 percent of all cases.
  • 56 long-term care facility employees have been diagnosed with coronavirus. Fifty one of Alabama’s coronavirus patients are residents of long term care facilities.


Age, race, sex of patients

  • 76 percent of Alabama’s coronavirus patients are between the ages of 19 and 64. 21 percent are older than age 65; 3.5 percent are younger than 18.
  • 50 percent of patients are white; 37 percent are black. 11 percent unknown; 1.3 percent Asian and 2 percent are listed as other. The population of Alabama is 68 percent white, 27 percent African American.
  • 56 percent of Alabama’s coronavirus patients are female; 44 percent male.


Alabama’s coronavirus deaths

  • 59 percent of the COVID-19 deaths in Alabama are those 65 and older. Forty-one percent are between ages 19-64. There have been no pediatric deaths.
  • The percentage of deaths in Alabama is split evenly at 44 percent among blacks and whites. Eight percent were Asian and 2 percent unknown.
  • Forty-four percent of the coronavirus deaths were in patients with multiple underlying medical conditions. Fifty-six percent had cardiovascular disease; 44 percent had diabetes; 23 percent had chronic lung disease; 13 percent had chronic renal disease; 3 percent had chronic liver disease. The numbers add up to more than 100 percent as some patients may have more than one high risk health condition.
  • There have been no deaths among pregnant patients.



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