Cherokee County Residents Report Calls from Scammers Claiming to be with Social Security Administration

Everyone needs to be aware that the Social Security Scam is yet again making the rounds.

There are several different variations on the theme but it basically comes down to this – the con artist tries to convince you that your Social Security # has been “compromised” in some way. 

Several Cherokee County residents have recently called us informing us that these calls are once again being made so we took one of the numbers and called back – saying the message had been left on OUR phone.  We demanded to know what the problem was and how we could fix it.

Just for fun, we MADE UP a name and the helpful Social Security employee (who of course – was NOT a Social Security employee) told us that there was a warrant for that person (me) in Texas which was causing the problem.  Now, I’m pretty sure the person we created out of thin air is innocent on all counts.

He said there would be a fee for correcting the matter due to legal filings that would have to take place – and asked for a credit card number.

Anyway that’s when we lowered the boom and told him we made the name up and we were doing a news report on scam artists and – he hung up.

Don’t be a victim.  If you feel uncomfortable, hang up.  Remember YOU are in charge.


Social Security phone scams are the #1 type of fraud reported to the Federal Trade Commission and Social Security. Over the past year, these scams—misleading victims into making cash or gift card payments to avoid arrest for Social Security number problems—have skyrocketed. Social Security encourages you to use the new online form to report Social Security phone scams to disrupt the scammers and help us reduce this type of fraud, and reduce the number of victims.

“We are taking action to raise awareness and prevent scammers from harming Americans,” said Andrew Saul, Commissioner of Social Security. “I am deeply troubled that our country has not been able to stop these crooks from deceiving some of the most vulnerable members of our society.”

Social Security employees will occasionally contact you by telephone or mail for business purposes if you have ongoing business with the agency. However Social Security employees will not:

  • Tell you that your Social Security number has been suspended.
  • Contact you to demand an immediate payment.
  • Ask you for credit or debit card numbers over the phone.
  • Require a specific means of debt repayment, like a prepaid debit card, a retail gift card, or cash.
  • Demand that you pay a Social Security debt without the ability to appeal the amount you owe.
  • Promise a Social Security benefit approval, or increase, in exchange for information or money.


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